Mattress Cleaning

In need of a Mattress Cleaning Service?

You clean everything in your home right? But when last did you have your mattress cleaned? That is why we offer this vital service, to keep your mattress in tip top shape.

We know accidents happen on mattresses and many are unavoidable, or you forgot to put that silly mattress protector back on after cleaning your sheets. That is why we are here, to help you keep that investment clean and improve your health as well.

When were done with your mattress it will be clean and fresh. Not to mention dust mite free (“They eat your dead skin sells you know, yuck!”).

While were on the subject of mattress cleaning let’s have a look at the benefits of having your mattress cleaned.

The Benefits of having your Mattress Professionally cleaned:

Physical appearance

First off your mattress needs to look its. After all, its there for you every night and having a grungy looking thing to sleep on is a bit unnerving, even though you cover it up with sheets.

Air Quality

Second. Cleaning your mattress will improve indoor air quality. This might be a surprise to you but mattresses is one of the biggest contributors of bad air in your home. The reasons being that on average an adult sweats out as much as 500ml a night. Most of that goes where? You guessed it, your mattress. Now only a very small percentage of the sweat is actually salts and other nasties but after a couple of months it adds to a real hygiene problem.

Cleaning your mattress removes the odor causing bacteria and fungi that has taken hold in your mattress thereby improving air quality.

We use an enzyme cleaner that destroys micro-organisms causing bad odours.

Allergy Reduction

You might think all that sweat is bad. Another problem is the dead skin we as humans shed every evening. We can shed as much as 1 gram of skin every night and this is food for dust mites. The more skin there is the more dust mites and the bigger your Allery problem.

Dust mites paired with fungi can aggravated many asthma sufferers condition and also cause itchy skin too.

Cleaning your mattress with our industrial grade machine ensures the maximum amount of contaminants is extracted from your mattress.

Prolong the life of your mattress

A clean mattress will last longer too as there is less contaminants to damage the materials in your mattress. We can attest to this: Guest houses who clean their mattresses need to replace them far less than un cleaned ones.

Clean Mattress = Improved Sleep

All of the above reasons comes together in the most important reason of all. A clean mattress results in a better night’s rest.

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