Whether you call it a Couch a Sofa or a Lounge suite we clean your couches in Gqeberha

Dirty couches or Sofas whichever you prefer to call them needs to be one thing and that is clean. We are experts at cleaning couches with years of experience and with highly trained staff, you can be certain that your couches will look their best when we are done.

We clean couches in Gqeberha using hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning or deep cleaning. This means they do take a while to dry and the type of fabric that is cleaned will also influence drying times.

When the loose cushions on your sofa is cleaned we place them on plastic drop sheets to dry. Care is also taken not to damage your wood or laminate flooring by taping plastic to the floor if indoor cleaning is done.

In the unfortunate case that urine is present on your couches we can treat for that as well. We treat urine on lounge suites with an enzyme cleaner that feeds on the bacteria in the urine, leaving your lounge suite smelling and looking great. We do charge extra for this service as it take longer to do and enzymes are more expensive than our other cleaning chemicals.

Commonly Asked Questions about Couch Cleaning in Gqeberha.

How Long do the Lounge Suites take to dry after cleaning?

The can take anywhere from 4-5 hours to dry up to 24 hours for the microfibre and mock suede couches. The mock suede and microfibre couches absorb huge amounts of water and even thou we make extra drying passes they can still take a while to dry. Opening all your doors and windows will also accelerate the drying time.

How long does it take to clean a sofa?

A six seater usually takes around 2-2 and a half hours to clean depending on the soiling and what type of fabric we are working with.

Can you we remove pen marks and cool drink out of couches?

Generally we are great at removing pen marks but sometimes it the pens do stain the fabric and we can only get the marks lighter. Cooldrink is easily removed but some cooldrink colours do leave permanent stains.

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