5 Reasons a Cockroach infestation in Port Elizabeth is bad for your health.

We all know that cockroaches are bad little insects to have around but did you know they can make you really ill? In the next five point we have a look at how cockroaches can have a negative impact on your health.

1. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning

If you are happily preparing food and also have a cockroach infestation there is a chance that cockroaches can contaminate your food causing food poisoning.

Always remember that cockroaches run around on the floor and other areas you would not normally clean before preparing your meal.

2. Cockroaches can cause urinary tract infections, sepsis, and even digestive problems.

When cockroaches feed they regurgitate fluids from their mouth and gut onto the things they feed on to help with digestion. Some studies have shown that the bacterium found in their bodies can stay behind on the things they feed on and multiply and cause the above-mentioned health problems.

3. Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions

The problem with a cockroach infestation is that they move about extensively during the night and the pathogens on their bodies and in their saliva can cause certain people to have allergic reactions. Some of the symptoms include watery eyes, skin rashes and even sneezing.

4. Cockroaches can aggravate Asthma attacks

Again the pathogens on cockroach bodies are of great detriment to asthma sufferers. Another really scary complication to normally healthy people is that they can develop cockroach asthma by inhaling the cockroach pathogens.

5. Cockroaches can enter your body

It has happened that cockroaches have entered peoples bodies while they were sleeping. This happens in high infestations and they enter through the nose or ears.


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