Why Rats and Mice Love Our Homes and Want to Move In

When it comes to running and causing panic around the house there aren’t many things that can upset men and woman alike such as a rat or mouse.

The reason rodents love our homes so much is because there is usually ample space for them to nest, enough food, water and also warmth.

The good news is that there a a few basic things we can do to prevent rodents from infesting our homes.

  • Good hygiene goes a long way with rats and mice the same as with cockroaches and flies. If there is no food lying around there is a smaller chance of attracting them.
  • Close up where you can. Vents(metal mesh), under doors, windows that do not close properly and gaps between your roof and the walls are all places rodents could enter your home.
  • Remove Clutter and junk lying around your yard and inside your home. If an area does not get disturbed a lot it gives a mouse or rat more privacy.
  • Clear out those overgrown bushes. Again these areas create the perfect breeding ground for rodents and it is probably not too far from your home too.
  • Trim your trees. If you have trees that touch your roof rodents can use them as ladders to gain access to your house.

When you follow these simple steps you are well on your way to minimize the chance of a rodent infestation. If you however do have an infestation do not hesitate to contact us for professional help.

Feel free to share our info graphic to help other prevent a rodent infestation.

it is an infographic about how to stop rats and mice moving into a home


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