Wasp Control

When you need wasps exterminated and their nests removed were here for you!

Wasps are one of those pests where seeing two or three around your home are a cause of concern. Even though it might be two or three foraging for food it still pays to investigate whether you have a nest around or close to your home.

Due to the fact that wasps can sting multiple times in quick succession they can cause serious injury, especially if someone is allergic to them.

At True Clean we are highly trained and ready to get rid of your wasp nests. We will ensure a thorough inspection of your property and not only take care of the wasp nests that you know of, but treat potential wasp problem areas as well.

We use only the best pesticides with a highly effective residual effect that lasts up to 3 months and will deter other wasps from nesting in the treated areas.

Types of wasps found in Gqeberha

The Umbrella Paper Wasp

This wasp species is the ones you most commonly see in Gqeberha and are also the wasps that will sting you too. They are small light brown, sometimes they are a dull red coloured wasps with some of them sporting white lines over their bodies. Their size ranges from 10-25mm long. You will also see their nests are rather fragile and made from mulched plant materials.

They feed on other small insects and also sweet and sugary things such as nectar.

Yellow Jackets (Hornets)

These wasps are a problem for local insects and bees. They are an invasive species that are highly aggressive.

Their prey is big insects such as large cockroaches (Oriental cockroaches and American cockroaches), they will also feed on spiders and bees. They build their nests mainly underground but you can sometimes see them building small mud nests with long tubular entrances on the sides of buildings, particularly under window sills. 

Yellow jacket wasps are easily distinguishable by their bright yellow and black bodies. They are approximately 10mm-20mm long.

Frequently asked questions about wasps:

Where do wasps build their nests?

Wasps live in various areas but the places we encounter them the most in Gqeberha is in roof overhangs, entrance areas by the front door and back door, especially face brick walls and post boxes.

Can I remove a wasp/hornets’ nest myself?

It is not recommended as you could be attacked by the wasps.

Do you remove the wasp nest as well or do you just spray them?

We remove the wasp nest and destroy it, killing the whole wasp colony.

Why do the wasps attack?

They attack because they feel threatened. Often times people did not even know the nest was close to them and they triggered the wasps to defend themselves.

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