Flea Control

flea pest control port elizabeth

Do you have the itch and scratch of a crazy bunch of flea bites? I don’t have to tell you how inconvenient that is. And the worst part is getting rid of them without using a professional pest controller is nearly impossible!

You have fogged your home with the ones you buy at the stores and sprayed other aerosols till you’re blue in the face but still they persist.

The fact of the matter is the spraying you are doing is often just a very fleeting temporary solution. The problem is the eggs that hatch days after you have sprayed and the new fleas coming out of their pupae. The poisons you used don’t kill them.

You need not worry about them any more, we are trained and armed with state of the art pesticides that send your flea problems packing.

So if you have a flea problem in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Despatch or Sea-view feel free to contact us for a quote.

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