5 Reasons you should get rid of your Cockroach infestation now!

Cockroach infestations are baaaad. And we aren’t saying that to be funny, cause it’s not. In this post we will have a look at why you should take care of your cockroach infestation in Port Elizabeth sooner rather than later.

1. Cockroaches are unsightly
reasons you should get rid of your cockroaches

Have you ever had a friend over and one of those pesky cockroaches run across the floor and the next moment you hear him/her grunting or groaning in disgust? Even worse the face they make right after the streaker has been spotted. No one wants to feel the embarrassment of having to explain that they have the odd visitor.

2. Cockroaches are unhealthy

The health impacts of cockroaches are numerous from cockroach induced Asthma to food poisoning.

Remember that cockroaches live and breed where you don’t clean. So, they walk around those places and your floor and drains and toilets. And where do they end up walking also? You guessed it your food. Now you are going to eat something that was walked all over by a dirty lowly cockroach.

You can read more about the health impacts of cockroaches here.

3. Cockroaches stink

They don’t stink just in the way they live but they can cause a literal bad odor. A single German cockroach can cause a bad smell now imagine hundreds of them running around causing chaos. These bad smells come from the dead cockroaches decomposing.

The math is simple More Roaches = More Stink.

4. Cockroaches become more difficult to control

If you have a small or medium infestation the cockroaches can be brought under control by your pest controller in a much quicker time frame. The worse the infestation gets it means there will be a higher dispersion of roaches and their eggs.

This means that: It takes months for cockroach colonies to get bigger and bigger therefore it will take much longer to get them under control.

4. Your infestation can create problems for others

Yes, your infestation can cause problems for your neighbors too. When the cockroaches infestation gets to a certain point they start to forage further from the rest of the group and end up in your neighbors flat. They can also travel with you by climbing in your bags and luggage therefore creating problems as you go.

5. Cockroaches are creepy

Let’s be honest here, who wants a bunch of stinky unsanitary insects running around their homes? My wife freaks out when I talk about cockroaches let alone see one. Why should you live in such a situation?

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