I thought cockroaches only live in dirty houses!

Myth! Cockroaches only live in dirty houses.

The truth is no. Even though good hygiene plays a major role in cockroach infestations, your clean home can still be a victim.

But how do they get into my house?

They can enter your home in many ways, from being carried in with parcels to crawling in from a neighbors home, and even up through drainage pipes, no home is safe. You also have the American cockroach that flies in through open doors and windows at night.

Why do Cockroaches stay in my house even though I clean up so nicely?

The reason cockroaches stay in your home is because it provides everything they need to survive:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water

When you switch of the lights they come out of their hiding places to forage. The smallest piece of food you dropped becomes a banquet for the night. The other problem is they feed on items that we do not consider as real food sources for instance dried wood, other dead insects, even certain types of wallpaper.

With a strict cleaning regime in place there are still areas you cannot clean or don’t clean regularly, like inside the structure of your cupboards, and behind or under your fridge.

How can I reduce my chance of a cockroach infestation?

  • Continue with good hygiene practices such as sweeping vacuuming and cleaning regularly, this will reduce the available food sources. Clean hard to reach places also.
  • When you bring boxes into your home unpack them and remove them from your house as soon as possible. Cockroaches love to hide in cardboard.
  • Keep all your food in airtight containers.
  • Seal all cracks and holes on the outside of your building. Reduce their chance of getting in.

Have your preventative pest control done regularly. The pesticides applied outside will kill them as they try to enter your home, and it has a repellent effect too. The pesticides applied to the skirting in your home will take care of the unfortunate ones that do make it inside. Contact us today to schedule your preventative treatment.

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