Bird Lice/Mite Control

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Are you suffering from the following symptoms: Itchy, raised reddish spots on your skin that resemble flea bites? There is also swelling and discomfort. The weird thing is it looks and feels like flea bites too. But you do not see or feel any fleas jumping about. The chances are good you have bird lice in your home.

Bird lice live and breed on various birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows and poultry. They also live in the bird nests. This is where your problem starts. Birds decide to nest in your roof and the hungry little lice walk around looking for a blood meal.

We are trained to remove the birds and nests from your home and treat it with the correct pesticides to eliminate the bird-lice. If you suspect you have bird lice in your home contact us.

If you would like to know more about bird lice please read the paragraphs below:

So what are bird lice?

Bird lice are small insects about 1mm long with eight feet. The ones that bother us humans the most is the Starling mite (Ornithonyssus bursa) . The insects are semi transparent until they have digested a meal whereupon they look reddish or blackish. Their bodies are an oval form and they have short hair covering their bodies.

bird lice do not jump around but they are very mobile for their diminutive size. They crawl from the birds nests onto the sealing down the walls and onto your bed.

Where do Bird Lice live?

Bird lice live on birds and in their nests. A lot of times the lice become pests because the birds leave the nest and the lice start roaming around for food.

How do Bird Lice survive?

Bird lice need to get a blood meal from a bird host otherwise they will starve in about 3 weeks. They also multiply really fast. The life cycle from egg to larva, nymph to mature adult can be complete in as little as 7 days.

Symptoms of a Bird Mite/Lice infestation?

  • The bites of bird lice cause severe irritation and red raised spots on the skin due to the saliva from the mites.
  • Some people will actually feel irritation on their skin when the lice are running over it.
  • People may suffer from secondary skin infections due to scratching the affected bite areas.
  • The lice do not carry disease that can affect humans.
  • Bird Lice do not prefer a certain area of human skin to bite, so bites can be on the face and head down to your toes.

If you think you might have a bird lice/mite infestation in Port Elizabeth you need dealt with contact us.


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