Bedbug Control

bedbug pest control port elizabeth

Bed bugs are some of the most difficult pests to get rid of as they are masters of hiding and equally as skilled to get to their prey – you!

Once you discover you have a bedbug problem you should get a pest controller out as soon as possible. We are trained to deal with this terrible pest and prevent them from spreading further through your home or hotel, B&B or guesthouse.

Contact us today if you suspect you have a bedbug infestation.

Commonly asked questions about bedbugs:

What do bedbugs eat?

Even though there are many species of bedbugs (over 90) there are only three that feed and live off human blood.

Bedbugs feed off your blood but can also live by sucking the blood from other mammals in order to survive and reproduce. The bedbug has to have a blood meal in order to produce eggs.

Can a bedbug infestation just go away on its own?

No, bedbugs are very hardy insects and will not just go away. The only thing that will happen is an increase in the bedbug population. This means you will get bitten more and more.

Do cats, dogs and other pets carry bedbugs?

No. Bedbugs only gets onto an animal or a human to feed, and leaves shortly after. They are spread by humans. They hide in all kinds of places, from your suitcase to your pillow.

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