Ant Colony Removal Gqeberha

You Can Do Without An Ant Colony

When Ants are Outside minding their own business
it’s Ok. But once they start carrying your food out, that’s
a whole different story. Are You looking for a fast
acting and safe solution in Gqeberha?

  • We understand You want to get rid of the ant colonies in and around your house as soon as possible.
  • You want a solution that is safe for your Family and Pets
  • And we know having Little critters all over the house and in your food is terrible.

Ant Bait

We use bait inside your home that the ant colony carries back to the nest which kills the Queen and worker ants.


Every Precaution is taken to keep everyone safe. The Gel is placed in untouchable spots and spraying is done to all safety regulations. Once the Spray has dried it is perfectly safe.

Fast Acting

The Stuff we use is fast. You will see a change in the ant colony activity in the first day. But by day three the colonies start dying off.

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