7 Benefits of Carpets

Reasons to have carpets installed

Carpets makes your home feel like home.

Carpets helps give your home that warm and fuzzy feeling be it a fitted carpet or just a inexpensive loose rug or Persian one. There is something about carpets that just speaks to all of us and expresses our personal and unique tastes and likes.

Carpets reduces Noise.

In our busy lives we have so much noise in and out of our homes that reducing it is definitely a plus and we all know how a bit of carpet can help in a space with little of no furniture.

Carpets Improves Air Quality.

Carpets act as passive air filters trapping dust and pollen in the fibres reducing the effects of the weather on asthma and allergy sufferers. Add to this a good cleaning routine like regular deep cleaning and a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter then your life can be a lot easier sinus wise.

Carpets Lasts a long time

Carpets can give you many years of good service provided you look after them correctly and choose the right type for your particular need.

 Easy to clean.

Carpets only need a vacuum cleaner to clean them a couple of times a week  and professionally deep cleaned as little as once a year,  where as your hard flooring needs to be vacuumed and mopped as well a couple of times a week.

Help protect with falls and slips.

Carpets are great for the very young and elderly where it does add a bit of extra cushioning with falls. Also they are non-slip by nature which helps prevent  dangerous miss haps.

Carpets are a great insulator of heat.

Studies have shown that carpeted rooms are on average 2 degrees  warmer  in winter than hard-flooring thus it saves on heating.


These 5 Calls Made Us Question – Is there someone home?


Over the years having True Clean we have had some very interesting carpet cleaning and sometimes not carpet cleaning related phone calls.

Some, you may think has been made up but as they say truth is stranger than fiction.

Bloody Carpet Mess

We got a call late in the evening one Saturday where a person asked if we could come out immediately to come and clean the carpets as it was an emergency. When we enquired to what the cause of the emergency was the person said it was a crime scene and someone had been stabbed and they wanted us to come and clean the blood before the police arrived. We declined with much vigour.

Are You Serious?

A rather frequent question is “Who does your carpet cleaning?” really?

Changed My Mind

We had this call a long time ago the lady did not like the colour of her carpets and wanted them dyed another colour.

Split Personality

Another person asked if they could rent our company name for a month. To do what with I do not know but if you ask me nothing good I am sure.

In Case Of Emergency

This is another interesting one. We had people phone us to know if we did sleep in carpet cleaning on weekends for in case the geyser exploded or leaked or any other unfortunate event that may damage the carpets.

We will add new funny incidents as we remember them and surely some funny phone calls will happen in  future so we will keep you updated.


Tips for buying upholstery covered products.


As with most things in life, we want to buy and often buy products that are good looking and aesthetically pleasing. But more often than not we forget to think about the practical implications.

This also goes for upholstery.

Just run through these four questions  before you make your next upholstery covered purchase:

What will the upholstered product be?

lounge suite, dining room chairs, office chairs or patio furniture. Now this goes without saying, but you need to think about the practical implications which brings me to point two.

Who will be using it  the children mostly?

Or perhaps granny for her knitting corner. This is very important to determine how hard wearing the upholstery material should be.  Suede for hardly used then a light colour will be fine but if kiddies will be going crazy then obviously not so much.

How often will it be used?

This is an important fact because you do not want a material that will show dirt and stains easily that you need to clean it every three months.

  Will it fit with your décor and style?

This can drive people crazy as we all do not like the same things. Choose your favourite three or four sets and then run the previous questions over the decision to see if it will really work for you.

Mostly upholstered products are not an impulse buy and we can not for see the future so if your couch, chair or cushion needs a good deep clean you can contact us for help to get those marks and dirt removed from your upholstery.


Top reasons to give your carpets a deep clean.

picture of before and after carpet cleaning

Apart form having carpets look bright and clean, the following reasons should also be considered :

  • The pre-spray breaks down the stains and help loosen the dirt and grime that can not be removed by regular vacuuming.
  • The dirt that is left behind in your carpets from every day use damages the fibers of the carpet, acting like sandpaper when you walk on them. Therefor increasing the life of your carpets. We have seen carpets that was well looked after that looked like they were installed the day before and were more than 7 years old.
  • Carpets can be a germ hot spot if not cleaned properly and houses many micro-organisms that can have a negative effect on your health due to air contamination and physical contact with the carpets with your hands and deep clean will eliminate this problem.

So taking these few points into consideration about deep cleaned it firstly saves you money from possible doctors fees and replacing the carpets if you are trying to resell your property. It also prevents a scornful look from friends and family about having a dirty house.

One of the reasons we love cleaning carpets.


One of the reasons we love cleaning carpets are we get to meet new people and learn new things every day.

This morning we met Damion who sells Hydroponic equipment. While we were waiting for the carpet shampoo to break down all the dirt he told us more about how Hydroponics work and how easy it is to grow, your own genetically modified free, vegetables and fruits.

With what they have on offer you can grow all your own food in a really small area and they even have an indoor system.

He was very happy with his clean and great smelling carpets and we enjoyed learning something new as well.

Looking forward to go back and get going with our own hydroponic garden as well (Fresh Strawberries here we come, now where am I going to keep the cow for the cream!?!)

Remember having clean carpets and eating fresh veggies is good for you. So do not forget to give us a call.

Check out his website : www.growguru.co.za