Flood water damage cleanup Gqeberha

  • We help you with Flood Water Cleanup
  • Call us if your carpets are soaked with Water
  • Is there water from a Flood throughout your Home or Office?
  • We remove Flood Water and dry your premises, Commercial or Residential

We’re here to help with your Flood Problem

It is simple. You have a flood and need someone to help you get rid of water in your building. We have equipment at the ready to assist.

The process is quick and easy. You do not want to waste time before you contact us because the longer the water is in your building the more damage it can cause through mould growth and through contact with moisture.

First we spray disinfectant on your wet carpets to stop microbial growth and ensure your safety.

Second we extract the flood water with our industrial machines. We even have a specialized attachment to draw water from the underfelt of your carpets.

Third we switch on our industrial floor drying fans to dry ou your floors and carpets. We also switch on a de-humidifier to draw the excess water from the air which decreases the drying time of building. We also leave the fans and de-humidifier and collect a day or two later, depending on the severity of the flood.

You can contact us after hours for floods.

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