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Very Low Moisture – Virtually Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Clean Carpets that are Dry when we leave.
  • Our VLM (Very Low Moisture) Carpet cleaning system is quick and less disruptive.
  • This is not the Dry Powder System
  • Top of the range Chemicals imported from the U.S.A.
  • Water saving carpet cleaning system.

True Clean is super excited to introduce to you our virtually dry carpet cleaning system that uses up to 97% less water than regular Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning.

How Does our Very Low Moisture – Virtually Dry Carpet Cleaning System work?

The basis of VLM(Very Low Moisture) relies on the use of top of the range chemistry. By using encapsulation cleaning chemicals we can encapsulate dirt and oils on the carpet in a crystal that is then picked up by a carpet bonnet. Any dirt that may escape the carpet cleaning bonnet will be easily vacuumed up through regular cleaning.

Let us go through the steps of what the carpet cleaning process is and how the encapsulation cleaner works:

First off we give your carpets a very good vacuum with an industrial vacuum cleaner that loosens up the dry dirt with a beater brush and then sucks up the particles. Vacuuming with a good quality vacuum cleaner can remove as much as 70% dry dirt from carpets.

The Next step is to apply the Encapsulation Cleaner we use for our quick drying carpet cleaning. For this we use a professional manual pump spray to get a even distribution of the encapsulant.

How Encapsulation carpet cleaning works

The Encapsulation chemicals is made using both detergents and an encapsulation polymer. The detergent works by suspending the dirt from the carpet fibres in the water in the mixture. Then the encapsulant forms a crystal around the dirt particle as it dries.

Because the dirt and oil was encapsulated it can conveniently be removed using our bonnet system and routine vacuuming.

The Encapsulation leaves no sticky residue behind that the dust and other dirt particles can adhere to after drying the crystals simply fall off the carpet fibres. This is why carpets stay cleaner for longer with Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning.

Right after this we use our low speed scrubber with a scrubbing pad (This step can be replaced by the next step in certain cleanings) that easily glides over the carpet and lightly agitates the carpet working the chemicals into and around all the carpet fibres. The pad also captures the dirt as it turns

The next step (This step can be skipped on certain types of carpets, The first step can also be skipped if the carpets are not very dirty) is to attach a carpet bonnet to the machine that is made either from cotton or micro fibre fabric. We then run the machine over the carpets again and the encapsulant with dirt transfers to the carpet bonnet.

After a room or section has been cleaned we set up a carpet blower that removes the last bit of moisture that might be left on the carpets, leaving your carpets dry, clean and ready to use when we leave.

Benefits of Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • The Cleaning process is a lot faster than hot water extraction.
  • There is no Wicking (Where dirt is pulled through the fibres of the carpet as it dries as with hot water extraction) The way your carpets look when we are done is how it looks.
  • Your carpets are dry when we leave.
  • Carpets stay cleaner for longer as there is no residue left on the fibres of the carpet after cleaning.
  • Water saving cleaning process.
Example of Encapsulation crystals.

Are you ready to have your carpets looking their best while also saving water?

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