Bark and Purr is a specially formulated Enzyme cleaner that eats urine and odor-causing bacteria. It’s safe to use around your family and pets and is non-caustic and non-staining. When used it disinfects and leaves behind a fresh scent and helps deter your animals from remarking the affected area. It is R170 per One Litre bottle of Bark and Purr.

Bark and Purr has multiple uses such as:

  • Dog and Cat urine removal
  • Blood removal from clothing
  • Neutralizing odors
  • General cleaning agent when diluted or undiluted
  • Freshen up mattresses with a fine spray
  • Bathroom sanitizing

Free delivery to the following areas in Port Elizabeth:

  • Lorraine
  • Walmer
  • Newton Park
  • Lovemore Hights
  • Lovemore Park
  • Kamma Park
  • Kabega
  • Westering
  • Summerstrand
  • Young Park
  • Sydenham
  • North End
  • South End
  • Ben Kamma
  • Mangold Park
  • Mount Croix
  • Framesby
  • Humewood
  • Richmond Hill
  • Central

Contact us for your Bottle of Bark and Purr. Whats App or call: 0619050514. You can email us from the contact page too.


How to use Bark & Purr on Carpets/Upholstery:

When you discover your pet has had an accident dab up the affected area with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Then wet the area with Bark & Purr and leave it to dry. Vomit will need multiple treatments as the acid takes a while to break down.

How to use Bark & Purr on Tiles :

If you have an area that has been messed on you can clean it using clean cold water and then spray Bark & Purr on the area afterward. You can also put some Bark & Purr in your cleaning water. The best Dilution is 1:20.

If the smell persists: Cat urine and occasionally dog urine might need to retreat and it is best to sprits the area once a day for 3 days after the incident.

As a marking deterrent:

Clean the area that is prone to marking with water and then spray Bark & Purr. It is best practice to spray the area once every week to prevent further marking. Only a fine spray is needed.

It works well on multiple surfaces and can be sprayed on trach cans car wheels and chairs to name but a few places which is likely to be marked by your pet.

Sanitizing your pet’s sleeping area:

Often the areas with the worst smell is where your dog or cat sleeps. We suggest spraying bark and pur on the floor and walls closest to your pet’s bed. After aplication leave it for 15min and then wash with clean water.