7 Benefits of Carpets

Reasons to have carpets installed

Carpets makes your home feel like home.

Carpets helps give your home that warm and fuzzy feeling be it a fitted carpet or just a inexpensive loose rug or Persian one. There is something about carpets that just speaks to all of us and expresses our personal and unique tastes and likes.

Carpets reduces Noise.

In our busy lives we have so much noise in and out of our homes that reducing it is definitely a plus and we all know how a bit of carpet can help in a space with little of no furniture.

Carpets Improves Air Quality.

Carpets act as passive air filters trapping dust and pollen in the fibres reducing the effects of the weather on asthma and allergy sufferers. Add to this a good cleaning routine like regular deep cleaning and a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter then your life can be a lot easier sinus wise.

Carpets Lasts a long time

Carpets can give you many years of good service provided you look after them correctly and choose the right type for your particular need.

 Easy to clean.

Carpets only need a vacuum cleaner to clean them a couple of times a week  and professionally deep cleaned as little as once a year,  where as your hard flooring needs to be vacuumed and mopped as well a couple of times a week.

Help protect with falls and slips.

Carpets are great for the very young and elderly where it does add a bit of extra cushioning with falls. Also they are non-slip by nature which helps prevent  dangerous miss haps.

Carpets are a great insulator of heat.

Studies have shown that carpeted rooms are on average 2 degrees  warmer  in winter than hard-flooring thus it saves on heating.


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