Tips for buying upholstery covered products.


As with most things in life, we want to buy and often buy products that are good looking and aesthetically pleasing. But more often than not we forget to think about the practical implications.

This also goes for upholstery.

Just run through these four questions  before you make your next upholstery covered purchase:

What will the upholstered product be?

lounge suite, dining room chairs, office chairs or patio furniture. Now this goes without saying, but you need to think about the practical implications which brings me to point two.

Who will be using it  the children mostly?

Or perhaps granny for her knitting corner. This is very important to determine how hard wearing the upholstery material should be.  Suede for hardly used then a light colour will be fine but if kiddies will be going crazy then obviously not so much.

How often will it be used?

This is an important fact because you do not want a material that will show dirt and stains easily that you need to clean it every three months.

  Will it fit with your décor and style?

This can drive people crazy as we all do not like the same things. Choose your favourite three or four sets and then run the previous questions over the decision to see if it will really work for you.

Mostly upholstered products are not an impulse buy and we can not for see the future so if your couch, chair or cushion needs a good deep clean you can contact us for help to get those marks and dirt removed from your upholstery.