we remove bubble gum and chewing gum

Saving Expensive Rug After a Chewing Gum Nightmare Using Peanut Butter or Ice!

 we remove bubble gum and chewing gum

We will quickly tell you how to remove chewing gum from your carpet.

Knowing how some people  do not care when and where they leave their chewing gum it will inevitably be left on an expensive rug or fitted carpet.

Two sure fire ways I have personally used to remove chewing or bubble gum is with ice and with peanut butter. Being a professional carpet cleaner using peanut butter I found it far easier to use because I can extract the oily peanut butter with our carpet shampoo and upholstery cleaning tool easily.

How to use the Peanut butter to remove the gum:

Take a tea spoon of the peanut butter and work it into the gum and leave it for 5 minutes or so. Take the back of a knife and remove as much of the peanut butter and gum as you can. If there is still some stubborn gum left,  work some more peanut butter in and repeat the process.

When you have removed all the mix you can with the knife take some warm soapy water and wash the area working inward so not to spread any of the oils from the peanut butter to the rest of the surrounding carpet.

How to use the ice method to remove bubble gum:

Get a good sized piece of ice and a blunt object. Place the ice on the gum and leave it there for a minute or so. After that take the back of your knife or whichever object you prefer and smash the gum this should break the gum up and pick it up. You will most likely have to repeat this a couple of times as sometimes the gum is really thick or very well worked into the carpet’s fibers.

Why do these Methods work in removing the gum?

To answer that we have to look a bit into the way gum is made or rather what it is made of.

Chewing gum was originally made using the latex sap also known as chicle from the sapodilla tree which is found natively in Central America. This latex sap was used up to and during World War 2.

After that scientists found ways of replacing the naturally found rubber artificially created with for example polyethylene or polyvinyl acetate .

Because of the reason that the gum base is made of  rubber the ice causes it to become brittle and the combination of the extreme cold and blunt force applied the bubble gum breaks up.

Chewing or bubble gum in addition to the rubber base contains softeners . These softeners  are usually in the form of vegetable oil or glycerin that is used to blend all the ingredients together and make the gum soft and pliable .

Gum is a hydrophobic  material and what this means is that it does not mix with water and that is why when adding the peanut oil to the mix helps to break it down and remove it. The same thing as using Turpentine to remove oil based paints form other objects.

The fact that the oil is in the peanut butter helps us control where we want to apply it and keep the rest of the carpet or rug from getting soaked in oil.

We can remove even old gum from your carpets so calls us to do this dirty job here in Port Elizabeth.

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