how to remove sticker glue

Removing sticker glue off “Just about anything”

We have all had that problem where removing sticker glue has been a pain. Moving house or just getting rid of old stickers that was thought to be cute at one time just need to go. You know the pain of the glue getting left behind and trying to clean it with water and soap just smears the sticky gunk around.

Having to clean houses, offices and shops. We have to be able to do it quickly and without damaging paint, glass coatings and furniture.

Through personal trial and error of many chemicals and many stickers we found that using plain old furniture polish does the best job at clearing off sticker glue.

Here are the easy to follow steps:

[warning](Please switch off all electricity at the main switch if cleaning an electrical outlet or any other electrical appliance)[/warning]

We all know this sight all too well.

plug with glue on before cleaning

Spray the area that has the glue with furniture polish and let it sit for a minute or two depending on the amount of dirt.

plug full of glue sprayed with furniture polish

Spray some furniture polish onto a lint free cloth.

applying furniture polish to a cloth

Rub the area with the glue on with the cloth.

cleaning the plug with cloth

As with this instance we had to apply a bit more furniture polish and just rub it a bit more.

glue almost removed

And the end result as you can see is a sticky free surface.

all glue removed from surface

This method can also be used on walls but the furniture polish may leave a bit of a mark on the paint and usually just washing that piece of wall with mild soap should have your walls looking awesome again.

Feel free to contact us for your cleaning needs!!!

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