Seeing cockroaches scurrying about in your favorite sweets drawer or snacks cupboard is no fun. Having them run around the house is even worse and just imagine the sight when you put the lights on in the middle of the night and it looks like the great escape? These are scenes no-one should live with.

cockrroach pest control

Sometimes a quick spray from the old reliable pesticide aerosol sorts the odd one or two out but now it’s not entertaining anymore. Now its time to bring in the big guns and by that you mean the pest control people.

Yep we are the Pest Control People

When we come to help with your cockroach infestation we will do a thorough inspection of your premises to ascertain the root of your problem and where those pesky creepy-crawleys are hiding.

Then we use state of the art pesticides with a long residual value that kill off the cockroaches after they come into contact with the pesticide. We also use specially formulated baits that are irresistible to cockroaches and finishes them off.

The Bug stops here.

Contact us today for your cockroach control in Port Elizabeth and surrounds.

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