ant control port elizabeth

Ants giving you a hard time here in Port Elizabeth? Those crazy little red or black critters can make life an absolute nightmare.

Does this sound familiar? Your poor pet’s food is being carried away, and you can’t even finish watching your latest Netflix show before they invite them selves to a night time treat. You clean your cupboards constantly and spray cans and cans of pest spray to no avail? Even the ant traps that used to work is no longer effective!

Dread no more True Clean is here to help you with your Ant problem.

We are trained and know where to look for these little food stealer’s homes. We treat the nests and put out some tasty treats for them so they can carry it back home. But what the ants don’t know is that those treats have pesticide in with a delayed action that poisons the whole colony (No need to worry, our pesticides are Fido and Fiffy safe).

In a short time your home will be yours again and you can at leave the dishes till after your guests have gone.

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