Welcome to True Clean Pest Control. Our aim is to take care of current pest infestation and avoid future pest problems also. We strive to offer the safest, tried and tested, economical solutions to your pest problems.

We provide Pest control treatments for:

ant control port elizabethWhen ants come crawling around your home and work hard to carry away your food even before you had a chance to taste your tasty morsels it is a clear sign you need pest control in Port Elizabeth. Read more about the service we offer here.

bedbug pest control port elizabethThere are many things we as humans can cope with but when it comes to little bugs crawling around our beds while sleeping that is where most of us draw the line. You can learn more about these bugs and the service we offer here.

bird pest control port elizabeth

bird lice pest control port elizabethAre you being bitten by something you cannot see or feel? Is your skin inflamed and red? There is a chance you may have a bird lice infestation. Read more about it here.

carpet beetle pest control port elizabeth

cockrroach pest controlProbably the most hated pest of all the Cockroach and there is no short supply of these little critters. You can read more about them and the pest control service we offer in Port Elizabeth here.

flea pest control port elizabeth

With a hop skip and a jump these little jumpy insects are on you in a flash. Do you have a flea problem? Read more here.

If you have fly problems only when you braai occasionally, then it’s not much of a problem. But if they are permanent problem at your home or place of business then contact us.

mouse control port elizabeth

rat pest control port elizabeth

silverfish pest control

spider pest controlI am for one not a big fan of these eight legged freaks that are vilified in so many Hollywood movies. We can help you keep spiders from making your home theirs. Read more here.