One of the reasons we love cleaning carpets.


One of the reasons we love cleaning carpets are we get to meet new people and learn new things every day.

This morning we met Damion who sells Hydroponic equipment. While we were waiting for the carpet shampoo to break down all the dirt he told us more about how Hydroponics work and how easy it is to grow, your own genetically modified free, vegetables and fruits.

With what they have on offer you can grow all your own food in a really small area and they even have an indoor system.

He was very happy with his clean and great smelling carpets and we enjoyed learning something new as well.

Looking forward to go back and get going with our own hydroponic garden as well (Fresh Strawberries here we come, now where am I going to keep the cow for the cream!?!)

Remember having clean carpets and eating fresh veggies is good for you. So do not forget to give us a call.

Check out his website : 

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