Carpet and Upholstery cleaning intervals

How often should I clean my carpets and Couches? This is one of the questions we hear on almost a daily basis. Our answer is nearly always the same. For carpets manufacturers suggest that it should be done once every 6 months to 18 months. OK, so maybe your carpets still look great after lets […]

Removing sticker glue off “Just about anything”

We have all had that problem where removing sticker glue has been a pain. Moving house or just getting rid of old stickers that was thought to be cute at one time just need to go. You know the pain of the glue getting left behind and trying to clean it with water and soap […]

Never Spring Clean Your House Again!!!

Your Guide to Never Spring Cleaning  Ever Again This guide has been developed for you to help you keep your house clean and cut back on cleaning costs by not having to get people in to do your spring clean for you. Follow this routine and you only need to spend a minimal amount of […]

Cleaning Crazy Dirty Carpets In Port Elizabeth

We are always up for a challenge and this month really put us to the test with some incredibly dirty carpets we had to clean. It makes you wonder how people actually get them that dirty. The answer is usually that the carpets do not get their yearly or in some cases their 6 month […]

Making sure people see our carpet and upholstery cleaning pricing guide.

The past couple of days True Clean has been up very early to distribute our (pricing guide) advertisement material in post boxes in Westering, Lorraine, Kamma Park and Hunters Retreat. I’m telling you getting up at 4:00 in the morning is not easy but I do think it is better than enduring the hot Port […]