Large Corporations Implement this to Further Their Success – Do You and Your SME?


Clean upholstery and carpets speak worlds and so do dirty ones.

We will be taking a look at why every business should have their carpets and upholstery cleaned regularly.

What impact does it have on  your clients:

How many times have you walked into a accountant’s office a lawyer’s or any other professional’s place of business and thought wow this place looks great  all neat, tidy, clean and they must be good at what they do.

This is the perception your client’s build of your personal or professional brand while just waiting to see you.

Now think what impact it makes when you come in and have to sit on dirty, grubby looking chairs with faded colours and stained and dull looking carpets. We all know the type I am talking about. The ones you are afraid of sitting down on because you are afraid of getting your clothes dirty.

Others will avoid sitting all together for hygiene reasons and being afraid of getting bitten by something.

What is “Dirty” saying about your company to your clients?

  • They lack courtesy towards their clients and feels nothing for their well being.
  • Wow, these guys are pinch pennies and can not even pay to give their carpets or upholstery a good clean.
  • What kind of service can I expect from people that let their things get so run down?
  • Is the business struggling and will they be able to cope with my order?
  • Unwelcome, please just leave as soon as you can.

 What is “Clean” saying about your company to your clients?

  • Up to date.
  • Care about what we do.
  • We want you to have a great experience.
  • You are welcome here and we want to know more about you.

What impact it has on your personnel :

We as carpet and upholstery cleaners have  seen much appreciation and relief form workers when hearing that their carpets and chairs are going to be cleaned. This happens more than you may think.

We have spoken to countless office managers that when asked “How long ago have your carpets been cleaned?” and the response of more than 2 years ago comes up very regularly.

This should be an unacceptable response.

What does “Dirty” say about your company and how does it make your employees feel.

  • They really do not care about us even though we spend most of our lives at work.
  • There are more important things than our well-being on managements mind. (Which is true. But happy people are more likely to work harder.)
  • This also contributes causes to your employees to have a no care stance. Management does not care so why should I.
  • Who likes to work in a place that permanently smells dusty and stuffy. Yes dirty carpets and upholstery contributes to this problem.

  What does “Clean” say about your company and how does it make your employees feel.

  • They do care about us.
  • Nice to work in a clean environment.
  • A place that smells good has a positive effect on your employees mental state.
  • People do tell their family and friends that “Our office chairs and carpets got cleaned today!” this results in a positive brand building experience.

As you can see even your carpet or upholstery state can and does tell a story about you or your business. Are you losing money because of a faded image? Is this another stone in the road to Success for your SME?

Call us today to have them cleaned!

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