These 5 Calls Made Us Question – Is there someone home?


Over the years having True Clean we have had some very interesting carpet cleaning and sometimes not carpet cleaning related phone calls.

Some, you may think has been made up but as they say truth is stranger than fiction.

Bloody Carpet Mess

We got a call late in the evening one Saturday where a person asked if we could come out immediately to come and clean the carpets as it was an emergency. When we enquired to what the cause of the emergency was the person said it was a crime scene and someone had been stabbed and they wanted us to come and clean the blood before the police arrived. We declined with much vigour.

Are You Serious?

A rather frequent question is “Who does your carpet cleaning?” really?

Changed My Mind

We had this call a long time ago the lady did not like the colour of her carpets and wanted them dyed another colour.

Split Personality

Another person asked if they could rent our company name for a month. To do what with I do not know but if you ask me nothing good I am sure.

In Case Of Emergency

This is another interesting one. We had people phone us to know if we did sleep in carpet cleaning on weekends for in case the geyser exploded or leaked or any other unfortunate event that may damage the carpets.

We will add new funny incidents as we remember them and surely some funny phone calls will happen in  future so we will keep you updated.

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