Cleaning Crazy Dirty Carpets In Port Elizabeth

We are always up for a challenge and this month really put us to the test with some incredibly dirty carpets we had to clean.

It makes you wonder how people actually get them that dirty. The answer is usually that the carpets do not get their yearly or in some cases their 6 month clean and you end up with filthy carpets you are ready to rip out and replace and who has the money to just replace the carpets every two or three years.

Our suggestion is vacuum your carpets regularly (and for some of you student’s out there once every two weeks is not enough). You should also have your carpets deep cleaned every year or so even if the carpets are still looking great. Cleaning them before they start looking dirty is one of the best ways to keep your carpets looking great.

So without further ado let us continue to show you what carpets we had to contend with this month.

These office carpets took a while to get clean. The dirt was packed on about 3 mm thick.

before cleaning really dirty carpets

As you can see it really took some scrubbing to get the dirt out of these carpets.

carpets in the process of being cleaned in port elizabeth

And the end result is….

carpets after being cleaned by true clean in port elizabeth

The Following carpets also looked pretty horrible.

filthy carpets cleaned in port elizabeth


Some more horror to behold.

industrial carpets cleaned in port elizabeth


And here we just had a bit of fun because who said work has to be boring.

True clean having fun cleaning carpets


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