Carpet and Upholstery cleaning intervals

How often should I clean my carpets and Couches?


This is one of the questions we hear on almost a daily basis. Our answer is nearly always the same. For carpets manufacturers suggest that it should be done once every 6 months to 18 months.

OK, so maybe your carpets still look great after lets say 2 years. The thing is that although they may look great they may be filthy from all the dirt build up even if you do vacuum twice a week. We have seen this type of thing many times. We get to the clients house and the carpets look wonderful and clean with no apparent dirt in sight. But boy, when we start cleaning it is a whole different story. We then find that the dirt and dust is so uniformly distributed over the carpet that it all looks the same.

When we have completed the cleaning the carpet turns out to be a different colour all together. One place we cleaned the client have never had the carpets cleaned in 25 years. Now you may think it was just in a horrible state but compared to some other places we have seen it was child’s play to clean. The carpets was vacuumed so often and no shoes warn in the house that the carpets will easily last another 10-15 years.

In other cases we found that the carpet needed cleaning every three months as the dust from the nearby road just made it a nightmare to keep clean for any period longer than that.

So to summarize about the carpets. It is best to rather just have it cleaned twice a year and if there is low to no traffic once a year. This type of cleaning regime will keep your caprpets going for many years to come.

With couch cleaning we also suggest cleaning it once a year. If you have Masterguard applied to your couches it will prolong the periods between cleaning quite a bit.

Things that will indicate your couch needs a good clean :

  • Arm and head rests darkening
  • Obviously when your kid has spilled something you could not blot out
  • When your couches start smelling bad.
  • When you see a lot of dust coming out of your couch when giving it a good smack

Remember that a dirty couch will aggravate allergies and asthma conditions.


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