Let us keep your Home or Office clean and fresh.

Carpets are a good trapper of everyday dirt and sometimes a bit more than every day. When your carpets are looking a little under the weather there is no need to fret. Get us out to your home or place of business to get them looking wonderfully clean again.

We use the Predator Carpet Cleaning machine that gives the best results for carpet cleaning and the dual three-stage vacuum motors ensures that the deep clean of your carpets will be thorough and will dry quickly.

When we clean your carpets we inspect your carpets with you to point out possible problem areas before any cleaning commences. It is also better to point out burn marks and such before the carpet has been cleaned and still moist than take chances of dirtying it again.

We also do not use carpet shampoo that contains optical brightener that would make your carpets look brilliant when done but will, over time cause your carpets to yellow and brown.

All care is given when cleaning your Persian rugs  to retain their beautiful colour and texture by doing a colour fastness test before any cleaning.

Find our carpet cleaning price guide for Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, Seaview and Despatch here.

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 Carpet Cleaning Terminology:

We would like to clarify the differences of spills, spots and stains as many times it can lead to confusion about what cleaning would be needed to address the particular problem and what the outcome might be after carpet cleaning has been done.

Spills – Spills can either be wet, dry or oily depending upon the states of matter that was dropped, spilled or otherwise be deposited upon the carpet. The particular response combined with the response time will determine if the spill will lead to a spot or a stain and what action will have to be taken by the carpet cleaner later on.

Spots – Spots are defined as foreign material on a fiber that usually changes the colour or texture of the carpet and many times both. Usually spots can be removed but untreated they can turn into  stains.

Stains – Stains indicates the addition of colour most frequently in  liquid or pigmentation form. This happens because the substance has attached more aggressively to the carpet fiber. This added dye or pigmentation may bind to the fiber and then alter the structure of the fiber,  unfortunately not all stains react positively to removal treatment by professional carpet cleaners.

We as carpet cleaners also encounter many areas of discoloration where chemical reactions has removed the colour from the carpet fibre. With this nothing can be done by the carpet cleaner to rectify the problem.

Hot water extraction – Hot Water is pumped through piping at high pressure through the carpet cleaning wand’s nozzles which helps loosens dirt and also rinses out the pre-sprayed carpet shampoo. It is then sucked up through the vacuum slot on the wand. This is also referred to as Deep Cleaning of the carpet or Steam Cleaning(Actual steam can damage the carpet fibers.).

Optical Brightners – This is chemicals that is added to carpet shampoos that changes the way light is reflected by the object that has been treated and then gives of bright look of the materials. Many fabric softeners contain it (Due to clothing getting thoroughly washed often it does not damage and have negative effects on the material as on furniture or carpets) and it also glows under uv lights.