5 Reasons a Cockroach infestation in Port Elizabeth is bad for your health.

We all know that cockroaches are bad little insects to have around but did you know they can make you really ill? In the next five point we have a look at how cockroaches can have a negative impact on your health.

1. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning

If you are happily preparing food and also have a cockroach infestation there is a chance that cockroaches can contaminate your food causing food poisoning.

Always remember that cockroaches run around on the floor and other areas you would not normally clean before preparing your meal.

2. Cockroaches can cause urinary tract infections, sepsis, and even digestive problems.

When cockroaches feed they regurgitate fluids from their mouth and gut onto the things they feed on to help with digestion. Some studies have shown that the bacterium found in their bodies can stay behind on the things they feed on and multiply and cause the above-mentioned health problems.

3. Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions

The problem with a cockroach infestation is that they move about extensively during the night and the pathogens on their bodies and in their saliva can cause certain people to have allergic reactions. Some of the symptoms include watery eyes, skin rashes and even sneezing.

4. Cockroaches can aggravate Asthma attacks

Again the pathogens on cockroach bodies are of great detriment to asthma sufferers. Another really scary complication to normally healthy people is that they can develop cockroach asthma by inhaling the cockroach pathogens.

5. Cockroaches can enter your body

It has happened that cockroaches have entered peoples bodies while they were sleeping. This happens in high infestations and they enter through the nose or ears.


If you have a cockroach infestation and require assistance contact us for a quote.


Carpet and Upholstery cleaning intervals

How often should I clean my carpets and Couches?


This is one of the questions we hear on almost a daily basis. Our answer is nearly always the same. For carpets manufacturers suggest that it should be done once every 6 months to 18 months.

OK, so maybe your carpets still look great after lets say 2 years. The thing is that although they may look great they may be filthy from all the dirt build up even if you do vacuum twice a week. We have seen this type of thing many times. We get to the clients house and the carpets look wonderful and clean with no apparent dirt in sight. But boy, when we start cleaning it is a whole different story. We then find that the dirt and dust is so uniformly distributed over the carpet that it all looks the same.

When we have completed the cleaning the carpet turns out to be a different colour all together. One place we cleaned the client have never had the carpets cleaned in 25 years. Now you may think it was just in a horrible state but compared to some other places we have seen it was child’s play to clean. The carpets was vacuumed so often and no shoes warn in the house that the carpets will easily last another 10-15 years.

In other cases we found that the carpet needed cleaning every three months as the dust from the nearby road just made it a nightmare to keep clean for any period longer than that.

So to summarize about the carpets. It is best to rather just have it cleaned twice a year and if there is low to no traffic once a year. This type of cleaning regime will keep your caprpets going for many years to come.

With couch cleaning we also suggest cleaning it once a year. If you have Masterguard applied to your couches it will prolong the periods between cleaning quite a bit.

Things that will indicate your couch needs a good clean :

  • Arm and head rests darkening
  • Obviously when your kid has spilled something you could not blot out
  • When your couches start smelling bad.
  • When you see a lot of dust coming out of your couch when giving it a good smack

Remember that a dirty couch will aggravate allergies and asthma conditions.


how to remove sticker glue

Removing sticker glue off “Just about anything”

We have all had that problem where removing sticker glue has been a pain. Moving house or just getting rid of old stickers that was thought to be cute at one time just need to go. You know the pain of the glue getting left behind and trying to clean it with water and soap just smears the sticky gunk around.

Having to clean houses, offices and shops. We have to be able to do it quickly and without damaging paint, glass coatings and furniture.

Through personal trial and error of many chemicals and many stickers we found that using plain old furniture polish does the best job at clearing off sticker glue.

Here are the easy to follow steps:

[warning](Please switch off all electricity at the main switch if cleaning an electrical outlet or any other electrical appliance)[/warning]

We all know this sight all too well.

plug with glue on before cleaning

Spray the area that has the glue with furniture polish and let it sit for a minute or two depending on the amount of dirt.

plug full of glue sprayed with furniture polish

Spray some furniture polish onto a lint free cloth.

applying furniture polish to a cloth

Rub the area with the glue on with the cloth.

cleaning the plug with cloth

As with this instance we had to apply a bit more furniture polish and just rub it a bit more.

glue almost removed

And the end result as you can see is a sticky free surface.

all glue removed from surface

This method can also be used on walls but the furniture polish may leave a bit of a mark on the paint and usually just washing that piece of wall with mild soap should have your walls looking awesome again.

Feel free to contact us for your cleaning needs!!!

dirty oven before we cleaned it

Once Off Cleaning Done In Port Elizabeth

One of the rental companies we regularly do work for asked us to do another once of cleaning for them this past week and boy this one was a real shocker.

The Place was absolutely filthy. Scuff marks on the walls greasy spots as well the person that lived there never cleaned and it just leaves you in awe at how unclean people can go around living in. I was just left wondering if they have no self respect that they can not be bothered to make their surroundings a bit more habitable for themselves.

Here is a picture of the stove and some of the cupboards in the kitchen. We spent hours cleaning the kitchen area and I am very proud of the results that we have achieved. Please note the scratches on the front panel of the oven was not made by our cleaning. We always take utmost care not to damage anything on the property we work at. We use strong cleaning agents to destroy the dirt.

dirty oven before we cleaned it

oven after being cleaned by true clean


The bathroom was just as bad and the grout looked awe full and if I did not know any better I would have thought that the shower divider was actually frosted glass. The bathroom walls and bath that we cleaned was just as covered in months of much that had to be scrubbed off. Once again our hard work paid off and It looks brilliant.

filthy bathroom bathroom after being cleaned by true clean port elizabeth

Unfortunately as always I did not take enough pictures before and after as getting the job done was top priority and we could only start late in the afternoon. We started cleaning at 14:30 (OK maybe not that late ha ha) and finished up at 19:30 that night.

So if you need a great once off cleaning for your office or home give us a call!


wahtching the sun come up over port elizabeth

Making sure people see our carpet and upholstery cleaning pricing guide.

The past couple of days True Clean has been up very early to distribute our (pricing guide) advertisement material in post boxes in Westering, Lorraine, Kamma Park and Hunters Retreat.

I’m telling you getting up at 4:00 in the morning is not easy but I do think it is better than enduring the hot Port Elizabeth sun and wind that we get during the summer days.

We also get to meet some new people and hand them our contact details in person like the pastor of an Anglican Church and also other people off to work. Well we do not meet too many people wanting to talk about carpet and upholstery cleaning that early in the morning. At least the rest  will get our little flyers in the post at a more suitable hour of the day.

If you need a cheap carpet cleaning quotation contact us. Even though we rather think of our pricing as affordable.

Roaming the lonely streets in the early morning.
carpet cleaner walking in lonely street of port elizabeth

Having some Coffee
carpet cleaner drinking coffee

True Clean drinking coffee

The sun rising over Port Elizabeth
wahtching the sun come up over port elizabeth

A really misty morning
misty streets of P.E.